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Residential or commercial solar power, here at Elect Solar we have the expertise and experience to design and install a solar system perfectly tailored to your needs. We provide free onsite appointments at your home or business ensuring we have covered all aspects of the design and quoting process with potential customers. Business owners are encouraged to take advantage of our energy audit program at no cost.       


With a reduction in your annual electricity bill between 60-90% the cost savings are significant and the benefit over the lifetime of the solar system makes this is an investment every home and business should have.    

Elect Solar are certified with the Clean Energy Council to provide grid connected, hybrid and off grid solar power. We are also Approved Solar Retailers to provide Victorian customers access to the Solar Homes Program. PV systems may attract $1,400 rebate and a $1,400 interest free loan. Battery rebates are also available to the value of $3,500. Eligibility as per the Solar Homes Program applies.



Grid Connect Solar

A grid connected solar power system is a number of solar panels and an inverter connected to the electricity distribution network through the switchboard. Any power you do not use automatically feeds back into the network (where you receive a credit on your electricity bill). 

When the solar panels are not generating any power from the sun the electricity required is drawn from the network.

Hybrid system .jpg


Hybrid Solar Power

A hybrid solar power system has a set of batteries connected to the panels and inverter that store electricity for use when the system is not actively generating power from the sun. There is also an option of having a generator back up.  

These systems are still grid connected enabling you to draw power from your distribution network if required. 



Off Grid Solar Power

Off grid solar power systems

are usually a combination of power sources that operate independently from the power electricity distribution network. They are designed to power a multitude of applications from homes, sheds, water pumps, remote communities and anywhere power is required.

They are referred to as stand alone power systems and can incorporate the use of generators coupled to a storage source (battery bank). 

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